No Hill for a Stepper

No Hill for a Stepper
is a swig of moonshine...'Cono' Dennis has the likeability of Forrest Gump, the grit of Rooster Cogburn and the wit of Mark Twain. 'No Hill ...' is a good read for any 'stepper'."

Jordan Overturf, Entertainment Reporter
Temple Daily Telegram                                                                                                                                                                                       

No Hill for a Stepper is a coming of age tale that springs from the heart of the ‘30s and ‘40s and goes straight into the heart of the reader. I was cheering for Cono Dennis. No Hill for a Stepper rings true.”

Turk Pipkin, author & film producer
The Nobelity Project

Dennis-Willingham takes you back to the hardscrabble wit and spit of a Texas that is, unfortunately, now only legend. Cono Dennis leaps from the page with the same irreverent, undefeatable charisma of a Mark Twain lovable underdog, and possesses the character that makes Texans legendary. This is a fun read.

James Pounds, Board of Directors
Writer’s League of Texas


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An exquisite artist and talented
author, Carolyn Dennis-Willingham
will unveil her newest work Oct. 1st.