Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

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Ms. Dennis-Willingham is a writer of poetry, memoirs, children’s books and novels. In high school she was a member of the national journalism honor society Quill and Scroll, and she’s currently a member of the Writers’ League of Texas. 

A graduate from the University of Texas in Child Development, Ms. Dennis-Willingham is the past president of Raising Austin, an organization to help improve the quality of care for the youngest and neediest children.

Through the combination of her experience as an early childhood specialist and the treasure trove of her father’s memories, her first novel,
 No Hill for a Stepper was born and was published in 2011 by Greenleaf Books Group.

Ms. Dennis-Willingham’s German ancestors settled in Texas in the 1840s. Her own mother left her German Texas community in 1939 to seek higher education in San Antonio, Texas. She is the inspiration for her latest novel,
 The Last Bordello.

A native Texan, Ms. Dennis-Willingham lives in Austin with her husband and a miniature Aussie. She enjoys oil painting, boxing, and spending time with her grown children and two grandchildren.

She is currently working on her newest novel, a coming-of-age story, set in 1928.

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