Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

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My dad, "Cono" Ray Dennis  (left) with my great-grandfather Isaac "Ike" Dennis.

"Dennis-Willingham takes you back to the hardscrabble wit and spit of a Texas that is, unfortunately, now only legend. Cono Dennis leaps from the page with the same irreverent, undefeatable charisma of a Mark Twain lovable underdog, and possesses the character that makes Texans legendary. This is a fun read."

James Pounds, Board of Directors
Writer’s League of Texas

​No Hill for a Stepper is a swig of moonshine...'Cono' Dennis has the likeability of Forrest Gump, the grit of Rooster Cogburn and the wit of Mark Twain. 'No Hill ...' is a good read for any 'stepper'."

Jordan Overturf, Entertainment Reporter
Temple Daily Telegram  

​In 1948, Cono Dennis boards a train to Temple, Texas. It is the same place he escaped at age 14, when yet another act of violence by his father finally pushed him over the edge. Now, Cono is no longer that skinny, tow-headed, battered kid. At eighteen years old, he is Master Sergeant at Lackland Army Air Force Base, a boxer, and the physical training instructor responsible for over 10,000 men. An invitation from his father to return to Temple and spar with him is too good to pass up. But once Cono throws his first punch, will he be able to stop?

“No Hill for a Stepper is a coming of age tale that springs from the heart of the ‘30s and ‘40s and goes straight into the heart of the reader. I was cheering for Cono Dennis. No Hill for a Stepper rings true.”

Turk Pipkin, author, actor & film producer
The Nobelity Project